For the last few days, I’ve had excruciating toothache. So I got an emergency appointment with my dentist, who poked around for a bit and said “Yes, you’ll need a root canal and a filling – but the earliest I can see you is 14th February”

So I got palmed off with some antibiotics to try and combat the infection, and was told to take paracetamol for the really-quite-dreadful pain…How is this even possible?

Now I know there was a delay in trainee dentists being able to take their finals due to COVID – but where have all the existing dentists gone?

Inspired by the inexplicable lack of dentists in this, the 21st Century, here is “Where Have All The Dentists Gone?” – which some may recognise as a popular protest song from the last century, repurposed for our uniquely troubled modern times…

(And if you are a dentist, my apologies – I can’t imagine the stress you must be under, and I genuinely mean no offence, I’m just trying to laugh through my tears right now!)

Where Have All The Dentists Gone? A poem by Wonderwords
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