I have a confectionery project
And I’m going to start it tonight – 
As quiet as a mouse, 
I’ll be building a house 
Made ENTIRELY of Turkish Delight.. 
With delectable rose-tinted windows, 
On a chocolate-dipped chaise-longue I’ll linger.. 
by a table-top-sized block of perfumed deliciousness, 
breaking off bits with my fingers… 
It’s become an abiding addiction,  
And I never can get quite enough: 
My larder is stocked 
With MILLIONS of blocks 
Of the wonderful chocolatey stuff.. 
If I lay the foundations this evening, 
I’ll have it all finished quite soon – 
And my house will have stairs
made of chocolate eclairs, 
Reaching right up to the moon …
Then I’ll curl myself up for the Winter 
While the blizzards pile snow all about :
In a rose-scented dream 
I’ll be lost to the world, 
As I gradually eat my way out… 

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